This is a small tutorial that has three parts:

How to create file folders, How to download and save a file, and How to install the program

How to create file folders

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


Step 6

Step 7

How to download files

Download step 2


Download 3

Download 4

Download 5


How to Install the Program


First turn off any other programs that are running. To turn off your anti-virus program find the small icon that represents it in the lower right hand side of the desktop near your computer clock. Use the RIGHT mouse button (not the left mouse button, which will open the program) to click on the icon and you will have the option to ‘end’ or ‘exit’ the program.


Now open My Computer in the upper left hand side of your screen


Choose C Drive



Scroll down until you find the folder you made before where you downloaded the installation file. In this example the file folder is called magi236a. Double Click the folder



The screen should look like this:

Double Click on the file that you downloaded. That is the file named magi236.exe in the sample above.

A screen should appear similar to this one.



Just click the START button.

When it is done this screen will appear.


Just click OK.


When you click Ok you will notice that there are more files in the file folder.



Scroll down until you find the file named Setup.exe


Double Click the Setup.exe file to begin the installation of MagiSoft and follow the instructions on the screen.


If you cannot find a file named Setup.exe then your folder options must be changed so that you can view ALL files.



Choose Folder Options from the Tools menu and change the Hidden Files and Folders options so that you may see the contents as below. Then Click APPLY and OK.


If you need more assistance please read the instructions that are available for the download program.


Magi Bette of the Magi Society hopes that this has been beneficial and helped you with your problem. Please remember that you can contact her for technical help.